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Self Shop for Health Insurance & Medicare Plans in your area and then come back to us with your questions or choices.

Compensation Disclosure

The services provided by ClearBenefits Group LLC are COMPLETELY FREE TO THE CUSTOMER. Always NO COST TO YOU, and that includes the year-round excellent customer service that we provide.

We are, however, compensated individually by the Insurance Carriers that participate in the Health Insurance Marketplace & the Medicare Program. For Health Insurance our compensation ranges from between $17-$25 per enrolled member per month, depending upon the insurance carrier. Medicare compensation varies widely. Some carriers pay bonuses for newly enrolled members or renewed members at Open Enrollment. For further inquiries about how we are compensated please contact us at or 919-493-4272.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you with your Health Insurance & Medicare needs!

You deserve great healthcare you can afford!


More than 85% of our customers pay $0 for healthcare coverage. 

We have over 20 years of experience in the Health Insurance Industry. We have helped thousands of customers with their Major Medical, Medicare, Disability, Life, Dental and Vision insurance needs. Contact us at 919-493-4272 or take 60 seconds to get free assistance with your healthcare needs.

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