How to receive help paying for your Medicare Coverage

Many people qualify for Extra Help with their Medicare Coverage Costs. This help can range from full expense coverage through a combination of Medicaid and Medicare or partial expense coverage with Part D Prescription Premiums and Co-Pays. 

To determine if you qualify for any assistance, the process starts with a simple application for Extra Help through the Social Security Administration. 

ClearBenefits Group LLC is happy to assist you with completing this on-line application via the website while we do a conference call. Or you may visit the link here to complete the application:

You should allow for 30 days of processing time after completing the application to receive your Beneficiary Award Letter which will indicate exactly which level of assistance you may qualify for.

With this information in hand we can proceed with accurately forecasting your overall costs for Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplements, and Part D Prescription Drug Plans