About us:

We offer residents in and around Durham, NC Nonprofit Health Insurance Benefits at ClearBenefits Group LLC. Our Team is committed to helping you find the best health insurance solution for your school, church, ministry or nonprofit organization. Our team brings unique solutions to the challenge of medical plans for Durham’s nonprofits and we can save your organization tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and allow the dependents of your employees to finally be able to enjoy the rich coverage they deserve.

Serving Nonprofits In Durham, NC With Affordable Health Insurance Options

85% of our nonprofit clients pay less than $10 a month for coverage.

Nonprofit Health Insurance in Durham, NC that has NO Limits of Coverage, NO Pre-Existing Limitation, NO Disqualifying Health Conditions.
Your employees & their families deserve great healthcare they can afford! 

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Dependent Coverage:

If you have more than 50 full-time employees and thus a mandated employer group health plan, we can usually dramatically reduce the expensive monthly premiums you pay for “Dependent Coverage” while leaving your current group health plan intact.

Affordable Health Plan Options:

Can’t afford a group health plan? We can help! We specialize in providing nonprofits in Durham with medical plan options that are affordable, comprehensive and that are supported by special programs which greatly reduce the monthly cost, especially for smaller groups.

Stewardship for your Members:

One of the distinctions that separates from the other brokers in the market is that we not only have great tools but also have the customer service and expertise to keep those benefits active so that they are not lost because of nonpayment or loss of eligibility. 

Replace Expensive Small Group Plans

Some smaller group plans (for groups with less than 50 full-time employees) are so expensive that it may be in the their best interest to drop their group plan and use a more suitable, more affordable option. We’d love to share those options for nonprofit health insurance in the Durham, NC area with you.

A Pay Raise For EVERYONE:

When we collapse an expensive small group plan, it is common to see both the employer and the employee save money. To an employee, it’s like getting a raise. To an employer, it’s like giving a raise that costs you nothing!

Additional Benefits - No Cost

Often when it makes sense to drop your old expensive group health plan, we can add additional benefits for employees like Dental, Accidental Injury and Life insurance at no additional cost to either the employer or employee, as compared to the cost of the old group health plan.

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Take 60 seconds and see if you qualify for a huge savings on health insurance for your nonprofit in the Durham, NC area! We provide under 65 Individual & Small Group Health Insurance options. Get an “Affordable Care Act” quote to see if you qualify for a “Subsidy” which could dramatically lower your costs! More than 85% of our clients pay $0 per month!